Stocking Up

I will be focusing on stocking up things in my freezer. I want to have things ready in the freezer that can be easily warmed up after I have the baby. I know from experience that it will take everyone some time to adjust to a new baby, especially while I am recovering from a c-section. Last time we ended up ordering out quite a bit, I would really like to avoid that as much as possible this time. I will take pictures and let you know how things turn out.


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  1. We always have stuff frozen in the freezer. Do some small portions for lunches and big ones for dinners. It was weird to me at first to freeze food but now that i’ve been doing for over a year, i’m hooked. On nights i have a headache or am wiped out and don’t want to cook, there is a good homemade meal in the freezer. I love it! What are you planning on making/freezing?

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