Freezer Meals #1

Yesterday I started working on meals for the freezer. Here is the recipe for the meatballs I made. I acutally made 5 times the original recipe. I actually baked the meatballs instead of frying them as the recipe states. My kids ate them with ketchup and my husband ate his with some Zhoug I made for him. Everyone like the meatballs. Once the meatballs had cooled I put them in several Quart size freezer bags and put them in the freezer. I’ll take some pictures and post them when I heat them up for dinner.

I also made some Beef Sausage Cheese Balls. The orginal recipe calls for pork sausage, I made my own beef sausage. I used a sausage recipe I found online to season some ground beef to use for the sausage. I think next time I will see if I can find some a little spicier for the sausage seasoning. Theis recipe calls for Bisquick. I found a recipe for it on the internet and made my own Bisquick mix. Here is the link for the Bisquick mix. Here is the link for the Sausage Cheese Balls. I also put these in freezer bags for later use.

This evening I made Enchiladas. I used the recipe below using ground beef, brown rice, and colby jack cheese for the filling. I filled fajita sized tortillas, rolled them up and put them in quart size freezer bags. I was able to put 4 filled tortillas in each bag. When I want to make them I will then add the enchilada sauce and top with cheese. I haven’t tried it this way before, I will let you know how they turnout.


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  1. Can i come and raid your freezer?

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